Dr. Zahid Mahmood

Dr Zahid Mahmood is an elected Non-Executive Director on the Board of ISE Towers REIT Management Company Limited. He is the Managing Director of Wisdom Securities (Pvt.) Limited, a corporate TREC holder of the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited and a shareholder of ISE Towers REIT Management Company Limited.

Dr Zahid Mahmood, holds a degree of MBBS and has been in the business of brokerage and investment in the equities market since inception of the Islamabad Stock Exchange, nearly twenty five years. He has been an elected Director of the former Islamabad Stock Exchange. In addition, he is a major shareholder and Director of M. A. Textiles, Faisalabad, a prominent textile dyeing and finishing plant.

In addition to being a member of the Board of Directors, Dr Zahid is also a member of the Audit Committee and the Building Management Committee of ISE Towers REIT Management Company. He has extensive experience in the field of administration, Finance and Human Resource Management and tirelessly devotes his time towards the improvement of HR matters and operational maintenance and security matters of ISE Towers.