Faisal Naseem

Faisal Naseem

Faisal Naseem is an elected Non-Executive Director of the Board of ISE Towers REIT Management Company. He has diversified experience, in stock exchange as a founder member of a brokerage house since 2003. He managed various projects in real-estate and construction. He has also established a food business UK. He is heading contracts, procurement, administration of Air Blue, a leading private sector airline in Pakistan. Besides that he is also serving community as volunteer through a NGO’s projects.

Faisal Naseem has investments affiliation with Stock Exchange since 1998. He has been an active investor and have worked on the board of directors of a leading Brokerage house namely General Investment & Securities (Pvt) Limited since incorporation in March 2003. As a result he has got a rich experience and deep understanding of stocks investment and the challenges being faced by the investors and brokerage community.

He is also managing procurement, administration, legal and asset management of the airline where he has managed various key projects of the company including transport, assets acquisition, construction. In his versatile business and management experience, he has been a part of various business ventures, investments in international and domestic markets.

Business Establishment in the UK is one of the International Project Managed by Mr. Faisal Naseem. He has played a key role in the establishment of the high end restaurant in 2015, which is successfully in operation. Mr. Faisal Naseem is also a part of planning and establishment of flight kitchen currently operating in Islamabad, Lahore, Multan for providing in-flight meals to more than 10 local and international airlines.

Faisal Naseem, started his professional career as Manager Administration & HR, at Allied Software (Pvt) Ltd. He continuously served at the position from 1998 to 2001. He was involved in multiple tasks and provided his services in HR operations, procurement and administration.

Along with his professional career, Mr. Faisal Naseem has been actively involved in community support projects. His notable community involvement is with Fatima Welfare Foundation, a US Based NGO where he has participated in relief work in Kashmir after Earthquake in 2005. Along with that, he was a founder member of Helpcount.org deregister in 2013-2014, a local NGO established to support Swat IDP’s & Flood victims in 2010. Mr. Faisal Naseem holds a bachelors degree in arts.