Farzin Khan





Farzin Khan

Farzin is presently serving as National Programme Manager – Anti Corruption/AML at United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC) Pakistan. Previously, she has served as Deputy Chief of Project for USAID’s Financial Market Development (FMD) Project Islamabad. In her recent roles with leading donors in the development sector, she has handled extensive support portfolios at national level for various regulatory and financial institutions and gained extensive experience of Financial Oversight & Regulation, Compliance & Corporate Governance, Stakeholder Communications & Advocacy as well as Project Management & Strategic Policy Planning.

Farzin has twelve plus years of local and regional experience across legal & regulatory enforcement agencies, regional governmental bodies and donor sectors. She has successfully demonstrated her handson experience of policy level strategic interventions, institutional conflict management and working with senior executives, corporate boards, advisory committees. She is known for her developed & experienced communications & advocacy skills for external relations management especially with government agencies and regulatory bodies. She also enjoyed international and regional exposure through extensive travels, direct interactions and contacts with business professionals in Pakistan, South Asia and other business capitals.

During her professional career, she has held positions like the Deputy Secretary General of the South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE)-an industry association comprising of 24 securities market institutions from South Asia as well as from Mauritius and UAE. Besides this, she also undertakes various advisory, consulting and research assignments related to capital markets, corporate governance, business development and regional economic networks. In her earlier assignments, Ms. Farzin worked in a number of national level regulatory institutions such as the Competition Commission of Pakistan as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission. During her initial career, Ms. Farzin also worked with many financial consumers while performing as the relationship associate in the domestic banking industry.

Farzin has valuable experience of working with a variety of domestic and international capital market institutions including the stock & commodity exchanges, the depository & clearing entities, credit rating agencies, investment banks and the brokerage industry etc. Besides this, she also has an elaborate outlook as an advocacy and international relations expert relating to competition and consumer protection laws, regulatory systems, regional trade/commerce/industry networks and international financial matters including regional economic integration. As an independent consultant, Ms. Farzin is known for her astute project management skills duly focusing on regular progress of the projects and developing turn-key solutions for successful implementation. As a professional manager, she has very strong and effective financial, human resource and administrative management skills and has successfully organized and managed numerous international events and capacity building programs including the oversight of the marketing campaigns, activities and initiatives.

In recent years Ms. Farzin has worked on a number of corporate governance assignments and successfully graduated as a Certified Director from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) as per SECP approved program. She is an active member of the Women on Board Pakistan initiative, the first ever effort in Pakistan to increase the number of women professionals in senior board level positions. She speaks regularly at seminars and events at regional and national level on her areas of expertise as well as growing role of Women in financial world.

Farzin has an extensive educational and training background. She holds an MBA in Finance as well as a Masters in Financial Management from the University of Bedfordshire Business School, United Kingdom, besides having attended many other career development programs, seminars and conferences. She also has the distinction of being an IVLP Scholar under the United States funded Program on Financial Reforms. Alongside her professional accomplishments, she is happily married since thirteen years and has a ten years old son. In her own words, she greatly values wok life balance and promotes organizational commitment for promoting both gender equality and an enabling rather encouraging environment for female professionals.