Shauzab Ali


Shauzab Ali

Independent Director

 Shauzab Ali is a Chartered Accountant with overall experience of more than 29 years in field of banking, finance, financial markets regulation, public policy, accounting and auditing. During his professional career he has worked at key positions in corporate and financial sector regulator, multilateral bank, foreign bank, local bank, nonbanking finance companies, stock exchange and chartered accountant firm. Diversity and depth of his professional experience provides him a unique skill sets which will prove instrumental in the strategic, advisory and leadership role.

In his role as Commissioner SECP was most the challenging in his professional career, in which he did several unprecedented reforms having far reaching impact on financial and capital markets He handled the portfolio of securities market, specialized companies and technology. Drove fundamental changes in REIT regulations which included allowing borrowing to REITs, permission for private REITs and many other changes which can help in triggering growth in the sector. For the first time created a working group on Fintech and Infrastructure Financing which included eminent market professionals like Nadeem Hussein (Coach Planet N), Zafar Masud (CEO-BOP) and Nadeem Babar (Former- Energy Minister). The proposed changes in the legal framework at multiple levels and across different streams resulted in significant and meaningful impact in the startups. These changes also played its part in historic venture capital investments to the tune of USD 375 million (approximately) in 2021.

As head of technology made new IT strategy, mobilized PKR 1.5 billion grant from DFID for complete revamping and digitization of SECP, implemented STR systems in record time of 2 months. As Commissioner of Securities Market made fundamental changes in Primary and Secondary markets. Changes in primary market regulations resulted in highest numbers of IPOs in 2021 after 11 years. During 2020 capital raised through PSX was greater than banks which is very unusual. Reforms in secondar markets enabled revived activity and enhanced volumes which touched historically highest levels.

Before that he was heading Financial Sector Unit for Pakistan in Asian Development Bank in which he worked with Federal Government and Provinces on Public Private Partnership and Infrastructure Financing space in addition to working with State bank of Pakistan, SECP and other financial sector entities. He assisted in processing of loans in excess of USD 3 billion which also initiated fundamental public policy reforms, changes and initiation of new laws, institutional strengthening and capacity building.

He was Executive Director of Standard Chartered Bank in Corporate Banking and in that I was principal relationship manager for Government. He was also incharge of banking relationships of corporates and multinationals. Before that he stayed for more than 6 years at Allied Bank in various senior positions in investment banking, corporate banking and finance. He was also CFO, company secretary of a listed investment bank and led the acquisition and operationalization of brokerages of Lahore and Karachi Stock Exchange. He remained CFO of Lahore Stock Exchange for 6 months in 2001.

He has strong qualification and most diverse experience of financial/capital market, public policy, finance, regulation of capital markets and auditing. He has worked as most senior regulatory position working as representative of Federal Government. Worked with international multilateral organization in which his roles for public policy advisory. He has deep understood structuring of complex transactions and closure of large transactions. This included some of the largest deals in the banking history of the country. His experience includes working with international bank, local bank, investment bank, leasing company and stock exchange, all those positions were very senior and played key role in transforming organizations.